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Carousel Controls

Upgrade your carousel controls to the latest state of the art drives and A/C motors:

Carousel Controls


If your carousel frames. top tracks, yolks and carriers are all in good shape, but your carousels controls are obsolete, BSI can upgrade your carousel controls to new Emerson variable sped AC drives for induction or servo motors.

Emerson Control Panel

Each carousel is outfitted with it's own drive controller that can drive either a single or dual motor carousel.  The drive is outfitted with fuses, thermal overloads and manual controls (for servicing).  Each drive is enclosed in a NEMA enclosure.

The drives have a TCP/IP interface that allows access to a built in web page for programming and diagnostics.  Carousel control is also provided through the TCP/IP interface for your Warehouse Control System.

The drive can be interfaced to monitor safety devices and emergency stop devices.

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